John Wick Party and Launch Tourney

August 11, 2024

At Ayce Gogi West Hills. Trophies!! Cash Prizes!! 21 and over. Beginners Welcome.


New: Barry O's BBQ Challenge

American Pinball is proud to announce Barry Oursler’s final all-new design, commemorating his illustrious 46-year career in game design. In honor of Barry, we’re excited to introduce ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ – a pinball adventure that captures the essence of summer fun and embodies the spirit of neighborhood BBQ Festivals across America. Available in two delectable editions – Limited and Classic – each game is seasoned to perfection, ready to become the centerpiece of your collection.

Take Home the Fun: Explore Our Exciting New Game Selection!


Elton John


Texas Chainsaw


Looney Tunes



Let's Play Pinball!

Both Ayce Gogi locations have a rotating collection of premium pinball machines for you to enjoy.

On Tilt TMNT Pinballer Hat




People are having fun rediscovering pinball!

“This is what I’ve always wanted for the valley: a local hidden gem filled to the brim with PINBALL MACHINES! Located in the far back of the Ayce Gogi BBQ restaurant lies a small bar. In that bar contains well priced beers, Korean spirits, wines… and about 12-14 pinball machines!”


“I love this place. What better way to spend the day, getting drunk, playing pinball, and eating Korean food! So glad this place is so close to my house. He always has the newest machines and is always switching them up to keep people guessing what’s new.”


“All of the machines are impeccably maintained, and priced fairly at 50 cents a game, even for the newer machines. Even better, the lineup is constantly changing, so it’s likely that every time you visit, you’ll find a new game waiting for you. On Tilt is also home to one of the largest leagues in SoCal, and is the site for a bevy of tournaments and launch parties that draw a pretty diverse crowd.”


Come flip with us!

Age 21+

On Tilt Pinball at Ayce Gogi: West Hills

6705 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91307

On Tilt Pinball at Ayce Gogi: Van Nuys

7128 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405

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